Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not My Child!!!

It happened to me.  I had heard that it could but I thought I had raised my children better than that.  What am I talking about?

My six-year old daughter would NOT eat the ham/bean soup I made for dinner.  Can you believe that?  It was so good.  After a long time and much cajoling, she ate three bites and then outright rejected them.  That's the Reader's Digest version.  There is definitely MUCH more to the story.

Why do I tell you this story?  Because, you need to know that children will NOT eat anything if they're hungry enough.   It won't work.  You need to plan on other options for them.  Or get them used to the "beans" now before you really have to use them for survival.

Figure out what it is your child(ren) won't eat NOW.  Are there other ways to introduce the food?  I do grind my beans and put them in breads, cookies, spaghetti sauce and soups/stews.  But, that particular night, I just wanted bean soup for dinner.

I have a friend that has had to figure out how to introduce wheat bread to her children for the same reason.  That and powdered milk.  She's slowly figured out how to feed her children these basics of food storage, but it has taken years to get the strategy just right.

I obviously have some work to do with my little six year old.  She's a stubborn thing, but I'm thankful I discovered that part of her now and not when things could be super, duper bad.

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