Sunday, May 10, 2009

Coupon Basics

I taught a VERY basic coupon class on Saturday and thought I'd share the powerpoint presentation here. I'm in NJ so there will be differences with store policies about coupons in different places of the country.

I welcome any other suggestions. This was very basic and I filled in with a lot of stories from my experiences of couponing over the last 10 years.

I welcome any suggestions to add to the ppt. I'll be teaching a similar class to an organization within Catholic Charities next month. So, I'm all for tweaking it.

Thank you.

Couponing 101


Anonymous said...

I recently discovered couponing as well. Isn't it incredible? My tip would be to see if your local grocery stores have an email sign-up where you can receive notifications of sales and coupons for "members only" type of thing. You'd be surprised that a lot of them do have preferred customer lists. Here's a blog I did on coupons as well:

Doris Rush-Lopez said...

You could add to the couponing the specials at the pharmacies, like Rite Aid's one check rebate and they have their own coupons such as $5 off purchase of $25, which is going on right now!