Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lids and Rings

Once the rims are wiped clean, it's time to put on the lids.  

While preparing the jars and chicken, place the correct amount of lids in a pan with water to cover the lids.  Pul the heat to low and just let them sit there while you're working.

This green magnet wand is great in picking out the lids from the hot water so you don't burn yourself.  You can always use a fork or something to pull up the lids from the water.

            Place the lids on the clean rims.

Screw on your bands tightly.  Not so tightly that you break the jar.  Just until the band is on snugly.  It's just there to hold on the lids until they seal to the rims.
                       All the jars ready to go in the canner.

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